Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily!

Today was a very busy day. First, I got into trouble when Daddy was feeding me breakfast. I tried to tell him not to touch my graham cracker but he did it anyway.....I guess maybe I did go a little overboard with my tantrum.

Then I went to my grandma and grandpa's house and I had some pancakes and I stayed with Grandpa while Mommy and Daddy went to church. There was this white stuff falling from the was so big and fluffy and it just made me giggle as it landed in my face.

I took a nap while Mommy went to work and then it was time to go to Lily's birthday party! I don't exactly understand birthdays yet, I think it's just a special party to celebrate the fact that we get to eat cake!!! I had fun exploring Grandma's house. Mommy eventually gave up keeping me from going upstairs and finally let me go exploring, it was so much fun and I found all sorts of treasures.
I'm pretty tired now though so I should get to bed. Night night!

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