Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ella's Bakery

So Ella likes to bake. On my living room couch. Many of you may remember the "flour incident" a few months back, when Ella snuck the bag of flour out of the pantry and dumped it all over the couch and floor. We all thought it was cute. We didn't think it would continue.....

So one day I went out of town for the day leaving Ella and Kevin in the care of Daddy. Which is no big deal, he's a great father. But I think Ella knows that he lacks that mommy radar I seem to have about knowing when she's about to do something naughty.

She somehow managed to get a hold of the maple syrup (this was a $3.50 small bottle of syrup I bought at the gas station at the corner one morning when I made pancakes and realized I forgot we were out of syrup...) and poured it alllll over the couch cushions, her toy kitchen, the floor, the rug, and of course, her hands.

Then, after Daddy had scrubbed the cushions and left them in the kitchen to dry, she attempted to stack them up to try and reach the cookies on the back of the counter.

Then later that morning, she managed to break into the fridge and get out the eggs and smash them one by one on the floor in front of the couch.

She was good for most of the rest of the day until the evening when she got into my closet and stole a bottle of Pineapple Ginger body lotion and put some on her legs as well as all over the cat, Stitch. He looked mighty greasy when I got home.

So you might think two things:
1. Mommy should never leave, clearly Ella doesn't do this when she's home.
2. Don't you have childproof door latches? (Yes, we do...)

Well the next day under my watchful eye, she managed to steal my toothpaste and hide it in her room. Then, when she got sent to her room for a time out, she took out this toothpaste and squirted it allllll over the floor, her pillow, the wall, and then for good measure, she rubbed it all over her legs.

So I DO think she's attempting to make pancakes on my couch...flour, eggs, syrup...
And I also think she's been watching Mommy put on lotion too much!  ;)

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Mrs. Z said...

That is an awesome picture! :)